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What Happens When You Break Your Lease?

Breaking your leaseWhat happens when you need to leave an apartment or house before the lease is up?

Under Arizona law the only circumstance in which a tenant can break or terminate a lease early is when the landlord has failed to maintain the premises in a safe and habitable condition.

Breaking a Lease Will Cost You Money

So unless that was the situation, breaking the lease will cost you money. It doesn’t matter if you lost your job, are relocating, your roommate moved out, or any other situation that makes it impossible to continue to rent a house or apartment

You’re responsible for the balance of rent due under the lease until the end of the term. You can’t just find someone else to move in either, either, unless you’re allowed to do so under the lease agreement; most specify that you cannot sublease a rental.

The best thing to do is to contact the landlord and make every effort to work something out. Some will be more cooperative than others, but if you can get out of a lease making only partial payment count yourself lucky.