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Do Apartments in AZ Allow Pit Bulls?

imageMy son has two Pit Bulls and they are as sweet as pie. They are also really good guard dogs and I’d hate to imagine the results if someone tried to break in or threaten someone in the house.

If you have a Pit Bull you know their reputation and the biases against them. Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Dobermans, and sometimes Boxers are often a concern too.

In addition to the issues landlords have with these breeds, they are usually too large too meet apartment size restrictions on dogs. A Golden Retriever might get a pass, but not a breed that is considered a threat to others.

Rent a House

Your best bet is to find a house with a yard to rent. Not only will your dog be happier with a yard, often landlords are not as strict when renting houses. Be honest, though, if you’re asked what breed of dog you have. If you lie, the consequence could be eviction.

Some actions that can help smooth the way for any breed of large dog:

1. Carry a liability insurance policy, since that is what most rental agents and landlords are concerned about.

2. If your dog has attended an obedience class be sure to keep the paperwork available to show them.

3. If you have had your dog while renting a place in the past and there have been no problems, ask for a referral for your dog. I have done this in the past for a large dog I owned, and it worked well.

Landlords are far more likely to rent to a Pit Bull owner if that owner demonstrates responsibility for their pet.