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AZ Registration Fees – How Much?

So now you’re wondering what the Arizona car registration fees will run you…unfortunately, they’re a lot steeper in Arizona than in many other states, but at least they’re not as high as California.

The variable fee comes in the form of the vehicle license tax (VLT), which is assessed instead of the personal property tax that many other states charge. It is based on the manufacturer’s base retail price of the automobile.

Calculator for AZ Vehicle Registration Fees

arrow_r5_c8The formula is such a pain to use that I searched until I found this awesome online calculator.


Additional Fees

Several fees are standard for all vehicles:

  1. Title fee – $4
  2. Registration fee – $8
  3. Air quality research fee – $1.50

Emissions Testing Fees

If your car is older, you may have to have an emissions test.

Metro Phoenix

  • 1981 and newer cars and most light trucks (under 8501 lbs.): $27.75
  • Most other vehicles (except heavy duty diesels): $19.00
  • Heavy-duty diesel vehicles (greater than 8500 lbs GVW): $28.00

Metro Tucson

  • All vehicles: $12.25

Yes, it’s a lot, but at least make sure you include it as a deduction on your Arizona state taxes.